Famous faces @ Soho Galleries Sydney

opening in Woolloomooloo Sydney 13th February from 6pm

Cnr Crown & Cathedral Street

bettie electric, urban motif, spray kate, taylor made, little bettie, real taste

teak, electric light, perspex, epoxy treated wood, resin, hand cut wood, concrete, spray paint, carbon fiber, fibreglass, enamel paint, acrylic paint, epoxy glaze, collage



About artbydorf

Contemporary artist based in Sydney Australia, working in mixed media creating modern composite assemblage art works he developed using modern materials & techniques. Works can involve 40 individual components, everything is hand cut, laminated & painted using many unconventional materials such as kevlar, carbon fibre, perspex, plywood, teak, epoxy resin & even electric light. The pieces hang like conventional artwork & appear as such until viewed more closely.
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