untitled lightbox cluster

A compact & interactive lightbox cluster with a cool retro look

Hand cut teak & Perspex electric lightboxes can be arranged in any combination to fit into a modern space, singles, doubles, vertical / horizontal or as a 4 piece cluster.

The work includes a credit card sized infra red remote control allowing you to create any colour imaginable to suit the space or change the mood individual 37 x 35 cm


About artbydorf

Contemporary artist based in Sydney Australia, working in mixed media creating modern composite assemblage art works he developed using modern materials & techniques. Works can involve 40 individual components, everything is hand cut, laminated & painted using many unconventional materials such as kevlar, carbon fibre, perspex, plywood, teak, epoxy resin & even electric light. The pieces hang like conventional artwork & appear as such until viewed more closely.
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